kai coffee


Iconic local coffee roaster and supplier Kai Coffee asked us to create some social content for their website build and social accounts.

We graciously accepted the challenge! but let's start by saying that it was a breeze.  Capturing imagery of the processes that are done on the daily with the staff at Kai was nothing short of spectacular, hilarious and satisfying.  We are passionate about the story behind the brand and aim to show that off.

Sean asked us to capture the emotion of the roastery to the cup, including the processes that are incredibly scrupulous - the tasting. Sean explained to us that understanding that coffee is an organic product and therefore quality and process matters a huge amount is the beginning of building a respect for the trade itself and therefore the practice of making coffee.
Capturing the variables in the milk pour, the respect the barista has for the latte art and the interaction with clients was a huge success.

Kai Coffee Shop Harmony

The shopping cart needed refreshing with all the new products being released - so of course we shot those images too!

Kenya Gondo AA is a fav for us, with its sugary mouthfeel, sparkling cola acidity and juicy sweetness with lime, cacao, caramel, sweet tomato, and passion fruit.

We have the ability to shoot your products in your own space or in our specialty studio. You can send your products from anywhere in the world and we can photograph them, edit them and return them to your website developer to load.