Mobilia Group

re-brand & re-launch

The Property Styling Sisters Anita & Vanessa hired us to re brand and follow the journey of the re-launch of the Mobilia homewares to Mobilia Group.



That journey involved one of the biggest shindig's in the Mobilia Group calendar. Mobilia homewares had the opportunity to show 150 VIP’s in Sydney’s real estate property world their constant unraveling vision and re brand on one spectacular evening, they also used this night to reveal and release the elite Royal Series.

We sent a production team of 5 and captured the night perfectly in video and photography.


Alexandria in Sydney is home to the Grounds of Alexandria, the most perfect of places for the much anticipated VIP launch.

The food was decadent, styling exquisite & the overall vibe sensational!

The live art auction with international pieces created by Mr Antonio Mora, the sweet sounds of a Spanish guitarist coupled with the sound of the water feature made for a night filled of romantic ambiance.