my wine lover


The process of improving the wine using the My WineLover product involves simply placing the My WineLover deep blue glass canister containing structured water (H3O2) beside an unopened bottle of wine, or even poured wine glass.

When we were contacted by My Wine Lover to produce a video and content for their product launch, we were a little……………mystified.
After asking for details and more information about the product, all we were told is that it makes wine taste “better”.

We structure packages individually for start ups as they come to us at all different stages of conception. Bernie took advantage of our Business Premium Package 2 hour consult, theme/process story, including a video with a piece to camera shot on location.

Completing the package with 40 stock photographic images shot on location & 10 x Product Images shot on location in Noosa.

My Wine Lover stock

"Bernie, Tell us your story"

After arriving on set still with very little idea of what the product is we got down to the nitty gritty with Bernie Duffy, Founder of My Wine Lover. Bernie was a little nervous at first, then I asked him, “Bernie, tell me your story as if you were telling a friend about it the first time over dinner and off we went! The rest is history and we now have a chance at wrapping our heads around the My Wine Lover product. Does it work? Absolutely, we have tried and tested it ourselves and stand behind your product Bernie!