Real Estate Marketing


Enhance any listing with top quality drone photography. Aerial images are a premium product for those properties that have beautiful surroundings, views or require a location reference point.

All our photographers are. also drone operators & are CASA certified and will not fly outside of CASA regulations. For the reason, please check that the property is located in a fly zone.

For those properties that require drone footage or stills we have an incredibly talented cinematic drone operator. Josh  holds both the REPL and Cert 3 Aviation remote pilot qualifications.

With a natural ability to capture anything from the sky – he is your man if your project needs a birds eye view. We can pop him in a plane too as he loves to soar!

Josh is the guy we call on when the job is in a no fly zone and extra permissions are required.


Drone Photography starts at $50 as an add on to any of our property photography shoots. However if you book one of our video packs, drone is a complimentary add on.

The booking calendar link can be found at the top right-hand corner of the website.


Tips & Tricks:

  • Yes we can shoot drone at dusk to capture those sunsets!
  • Show off the block by us outlining it post production
  • All external lights should be on too! including the pool lights
  • Shoot a variety of angles (our 5 image drone pack is good for this)
  • Location drones can have a pin drop added in your brand colours to pin point your location.
  • Clear out the pool area from toys and the pool equipment it still needs to look pretty from the sky!