ricks garage


Ricks Garage located in Palmwoods Queensland in a world renowned landmark. 

Home to the Ricks Garage Whiskey bar, we have had the pleasure of tasting one of the best "old fashions" you will ever have. With award winning burgers, chips & coffee - you can't go wrong visiting here.

We created amazing imagery to showcase this amazing facility & staff.

Ricks Garage Burger

It's the one destination that you have to check off your "to do list" when visiting the Sunny Coast.

We had our work cut out for us creating this masterpiece show stopping footage of what goes on in a night at Ricks Garage.

Lets set the scene.... live music, dancing, the whisky bar in full swing, the delicious aroma of food coming off the hotplate to the table.. and so many bums seats that we lost count of how may people were there enjoying your average night at Ricks!

Our job, show the atmosphere... that we did!